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Corporate Gifting: Build and Maintain Relationships

Corporate gifts are not a recent development in corporate culture. Firms have always used branded gifting for clients, customers, employees and stakeholders alike. Corporate gifting is essentially of two types: internal and external. Internal gifting is for internal employees and internal stakeholders. There are major incentives for being given to employees, such as motivation, rewarding them, giving corporate marketing products as souvenirs, etc. External gifting is for clients, customers and external stakeholders. This of course to has numerous benefits. Corporate marketing products being gifted to a client or stakeholder act as a gesture of goodwill and a tool to build and maintain relationships. Branded corporate marketing gifts to consumers earn a business brand recognition, customer loyalty and brand associations in the consumer mind amongst other things.

Let’s delve a little more into what corporate marketing theme gifts can really do for your business:

  1. Gives you an edge over the competition
    Your clients and customers may interact and work with your competition from time to time. And corporate marketing gifts can help you set yourself apart from your competition easily. A branded stationery set from you will be on your client’s desk for a long time. Long enough to register your name, business, brand logo, etc in their minds much more effectively than your competition’s. A thoughtful gift will go a long way in helping you establish yourself in the intended audience’s mind.
  2. You are in it to win it
    Corporate gifts are a perfect gesture to show the client/customer/employee that your relationship with them is not merely transactional and you care about having them in your ecosystem beyond a sale, a job or a contract. Corporate marketing theme gifts build goodwill in people’s minds.
  3. Low cost but effective
    Corporate gifting options do not cost a lot of money but have a direct and effective impact on the intended audience. This is not a marketing channel that can just be missed (like an outdoor hoarding for examples does not get noticed no matter how big it is) and will be seen, held and appreciated by the people you give it to.

Gift-giving is an art and this is a fact most businesses have realized. This is why a lot of thought goes into what these gifts should be and even the way they should be presented to the intended audience. Here are some ideas widely used (and very rightly so) for branded corporate marketing gifts to people both internal and external:

  1. Memo Pads – these are extremely useful in a corporate environment as the need to scribble or take down notes tends to come very often for anyone in an office. This gift allows for combining functionality with nice-looking branding, thus making a strong contender.
  2. Eco-Friendly Pens with a case – another great and necessary addition to someone’s office stationery. Businesses now more than ever need to do their bit for the Earth and gifting eco-friendly stationery is not just good for the planet but is also great to build a reputation as a company that takes being sustainable seriously.
  3. Customized branded pen drives – This makes for a great gifting option because not only can it be branded as per your business name and logo, you can also customize it as per who you are gifting. Also, practically everyone needs pen drives.
  4. Card Holder – Nicely crafter leather card holders make for great corporate gifts. These last forever and you can be sure that this (branded with your business name or logo, of course) will stay with your employee, customer or client long after they are done interacting with you.
  5. Mugs, Sippers or Bottles – You need these at home and you need these in office and you can never have enough of them, which is what makes this one of the many great branded corporate marketing gifts.

Embrace the culture of corporate gifting and you will be rewarded back for it, exponentially. A good business focuses on sales and profits, A great business focuses on relationships too.


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