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How to Choose a Good Professional when it comes to Plastic Surgery?

If you have any idea regarding cosmetic or plastic surgery, you may already know that this medical procedure needs professional hands to be performed. This is not just any other surgery. It needs profound practical experience of a cosmetic surgeon or surgery team. Making changes in your body is not a matter of joke. The professional must have at least five years of training experience in surgery.

It is possible to have a Cosmetic Plastic Surgery with total security. Besides preparing emotionally, there are a few facts that you also take into consideration such as what you want, how good is the professional, financial organization, post-operative measures, etc. In addition, you also need to think about all the tests that need to be performed, the medications that should be bought and always reserve extra money for contingencies.

What are the main types of plastic surgery?

There are several types of plastic surgery and so we will list here only the main ones. Let’s now talk about both repairing and aesthetic surgeries.  Find out how each one is done!

Plastic surgery


It is a surgery that focuses on correcting some problems in the nose and, by improving the visual appearance of the face. It is one of the most aesthetic surgical procedures performed by professional Facial Plastic Surgeon. No matter what “defect” is in this part of the body – space between the nostrils, hump on the bridge, nose size, – Rhinoplasty can solve the problem or at least soften it. The purpose of it is to leave the nose according to the proportions of the face. This type of procedure can also solve several respiratory problems, as in the case of some nostril that is very narrow or is obstructed.

Breast Augmentation

Another quite famous surgery among women, mammoplasty aims to increase the size of the breasts, correct the shape of the breasts or even the projection of them. Although it is more popular among females, men also usually perform this type of surgical procedure, but the techniques used are different. There are also cases of reduction mammoplasty, for women who have large breasts and often disproportionate to their structure that causes back pain. In addition, the aesthetic aspect can also cause low self-esteem, as the breasts usually fall.


This is another aesthetic procedure carried out all over the world. Probably, you have already seen news of celebrities who did the liposuction or even friends who have already performed. The main goal is to remove deposits of body fat, but in a minor proportion. It is best suited for cases where, even while exercising and following a balanced diet the accumulation of adipose tissue remains at certain points in the body. In addition to the tummy, liposuction can be performed on other parts of the body, such as gluteus, flanks, arms, etc.

What care is needed?

In general, the greatest care is with hygiene, especially where the cut was performed. It should always be thoroughly cleaned and, if necessary, the dressing should be changed frequently. The cleaning of the body region should be done with the utmost care and with the use of water and neutral soap. Then dry it gently so as not to press the cut.

The surgery usually takes about two hours or more, depending on the case and also the technique used. For example, ultrasound liposuction can take about 40% more of the time used for normal liposuction. The recovery can take two to four weeks on average to perform more intense activities, but it is possible to return to work in about two weeks.


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