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The Beauty Of International Delivery – Sending Rakhi’s To Canada From India

I understand that Canada is a beautiful country but the sheer number of Indians living in Canada might surprise you. I guess people are sick of the hot and humid climate here in India and are looking for a change. Plus, I’m sure the happy go lucky nature of Canadians isn’t pushing the Indian population back home.

But while people from India may love and tell great stories back home about living abroad there are a few instances where Non-Resident Indians in Canada wished they were back at home. These instances refer to festivals and other cultural celebrations. However, this isn’t making any Indian in Canada second guess whether he should stay or leave. Why is that the case? Well, with the introduction of dedicated e-commerce stores, Rakhi’s and other festive gifts can be sent to Canada straight from India and vice versa too! That being said, it’s hard to see the Indian population in Canada coming back home any time soon.

You no longer need to worry about running down to the market to buy a Rakhi before you run down to a courier service to have your Rakhi couriered to your brother abroad… yeah even reading this is time and energy consuming.

All of this has become possible thanks to a large number of online delivery services that have flooded the online market for pooja idols, samagris, and other essentials. These services were initially conceived for delivery within India, but brands soon realized the international potential taking into account a large number of Indians living abroad. It wasn’t just the big pooja or religion-related brands providing this service either. Brands like Amazon and Flipkart that sell pretty much everything are also dealing in Rakhi deliveries between countries.

That being said, we’d suggest using services from dedicated e-commerce stores that deal solely in religious or Rakhi related products. “Why?” I hear you ask. Well, these stores tend to have a much larger variety of options to choose from. From Zardosi inspired Rakhi designs to auspicious Rakhi’s that feature real gold and silver. Plus, some of them might have a much lower minimum order cost for delivery as they probably get multiple requests to send Rakhi online to Canada and other countries.

Oh, and by the way, if you’re worried these stores will only have expensive high-end Rakhi’s, you can relax. After all, you can find pretty much everything and anything online…. and I mean everything! Whether it’s expensive, cheap, rare or common, it’ll be available on pretty much all the dedicated Raksha Bandhan stores you’ll come across.

So, use these fabulously convenient services to have your Rakhi’s sent to your brother in Canada and help him feel a little closer to home. After all, no matter how brave, tough or independent you claim yourself to be, you’re going to get homesick at some point. Plus, you can make him feel even closer to home by setting up a video call through Skype, WhatsApp or other social media and interactive platforms. However, time differences will most definitely be problematic in such situations. Especially if the call is to be made between India and Canada.

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