Why you should add banana in your diet?

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It’s no secret that bananas are the most commonly bought fruit in the market, but their bad status for providing an overflow of sugary carbs makes many people drop from their shopping list. However, you will be very amazed to know that beneath that yellow peel is a fruit that mainly is packed with nutrients that supports a fit body inside and out. After all, who doesn’t like to add the punch of sweetness in their muscle-growing protein shake?

How incorporating bananas before and after your regular fitness regimen can benefit you?

Most of the people out there are basically scared of eating the banana, right? Well, you need to take out your fear and simply enjoy this sweet tropical fruit. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons why you should consider having a banana before and after your workout session:

  • As per a qualified health coach with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai, you can have deliciously ripe banana provided you have done a high-intensity workout.
  • A medium-sized banana will approximately contain around 14grams of natural sugar which is not that bad as we tend to put 2 spoons of refined sugar in our tea or coffee. It will help you recover soon after your high-intensity workout and make you feel more energetic.
  • Broadly speaking, after an intense physical workout these quick-digesting naturally occurring sugar helps you top up your expended glycogen, a storingtype of carbs which is considered to be the prime source of energy after a high-intensity workout.
  • Broadly speaking, sugars also fuel insulin deliver to aidmove amino acids into your fatigued muscles.
  • When it comes to eating a banana before a workout, you will get the rush of energy to help you perform your workout with more energy.And the best part about having ripe bananas is that you can supress your craving for sugar throughout the day. Instead of going for packaged foods that are loaded sugar. So you can think about adding a banana to your smoothies and have a post-workout snack.

Why banana is more than just a source of potassium?

People usually think that banana is just a source of potassium and it manages muscle and nerve functioning and also aids improved blood flow all over the body.

However, there is more than just potassium in bananas. As per a qualified health coach with certification in nutritionist course in Mumbai, bananas is also rich in vitamin C, manganese, and vitamin B-6 which is critical in supporting brain functioning and strong neurotransmitter levels.

Why you should choose green bananas over the ripe bananas?

If you are looking for adding something in your diet with fewer carbs or sugar levels, then you should choose to eat greener bananas as compared to the ripe ones. Green bananas are basically doesn’t have much sugar but do have resistant starch which is considered to be an exceptional form of carbohydrate that doesn’t process in the small intestine and instead in your large intestine.

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