7 Thoughtful & Romantic Alpha Ideas To Make Her Feel Special!

Hello to all you caring boyfriends out there who love their soul mate but lack the ability to seek it.

No worries!

All you have to do is follow these 7 Alpha tips and make her fall in love with you again!

  1. A Couple Painting:

Couple painting

One thing Alpha males definitely do is rock the gifting game! They don’t order the first thing they see on the last minute on her Birthday, Wedding Anniversary, Valentine’s Day or any other special occasion.

A gift is like an exam, you can ace it if you are thoughtful or terribly fail at it if you don’t prepare enough.

Here is my suggestion on gifting which is completely untapped and a secret gifting option still available to MANkind!

 A Couple Portrait from photo!

You can get a portrait in just 4 steps from PortraitFlip at the luxury of making few clicks at the ease of your sofa!

  1. Upload a stunning photo of hers on the order page.
  2. Select a Medium from Oil, Acrylic, Color Pencil, Pencil, Charcoal or Watercolor.
  3. Select Size, Delivery Options and add special instructions (Changing Background, Removing Unnecessary Elements, etc.)
  4. Place an order by applying OFF10 and get Flat 10% Discount.

(Alpha Tip #1: Leave a note in the description to add the name of your girlfriend/wife in a calligraphic style in the bottom right corner of the portrait.)

PortraitFlip’s executive will get in touch with you immediately after you place the order and assist you till you are happy with the painting.

Their 100+ handpicked specialist artists are the reason why PortraitFlip offers 100% Moneyback Guarantee in case you don’t like the painting for any reason.

Why PortraitFlip is the best company to assign the job is because they work to deliver happiness by curating handmade art which speaks beyond words!


  1. Plan A Thoughtful And Romantic Dinner:


Cropped shot of an affectionate young couple having a romantic dinner in a restaurant

Alpha males do not hesitate to plan things out to make her feel special like planning a dinner. Here is what you need to do. 

  1. The Trick:

Call her friend and ask her to make a dinner plan at a restaurant with your girlfriend/wife, and cancel at the last minute.

This way you make sure she has cleared her evening from anything which may have ruined the romantic evening.

  1. The Dinner:

Put your phone to good use and keep ready all the groceries you would be needing to cook her a lip-smacking dinner.

Yes you are cooking dinner!

  1. The Special Event:

You may watch something of her choice, dance on your favorite romantic songs, or just talk for hours in your balcony or anywhere under the sky.

  1. The Gift:

DO NOT FORGET to buy her a gift! She may say why you got one, but trust me she loves the gesture.

When buying a gift don’t hurry things, spend some time thinking about what she would love to get as a gift.

If she is a reader you may consider a Kindle, if she loves to watch movies you may consider a fire TV stick or you may want to gift her a portrait from photo by PortraitFlip which is completely thoughtful.

  1. The Chocolates:

You must get her chocolates or Ice-Cream after the dinner so as to place a cherry on the top of the evening.

If you cannot do something indoors just plan the dinner at a restaurant. You just have to talk to the manager and get a suitable table with enough decoration, take her to a romantic movie, play or beachside if possible as the special event. Rest all remains the same.


  1. Write Her A Letter And Post It!


This idea will literally make her fall in love with you again!

Writing letters has a magical effect on women, as men used to write it in the ancient times when there were no phones.

The mere act of a man writing his thoughts for his lady on a piece of paper and posting it just like the good old days is so thoughtful and creative that it will add a lot of love into your relationship.

It doesn’t matter if you live in the same house or city just do this twice a month and be an ALPHA!


  1. Recreate Your Partner’s Favorite Romantic Movie Scene.

This is a tough one to pull off but if made possible works like magic!

So firstly you need to go back into time and pick that one scene which she said is very romantic and can watch the whole movie for that scene.

If she has never told you just subtly ask her about her favorite romantic scene.

Now come back into present and make all the arrangements, the apparatus and the procedure will obviously differ from scene to scene so you are on your own from here!

  1. Gift Her A Surprise Package of Fun!

couple oil portrait

What is better than 1 gift?

A box with many gifts!

All you have to do is curate a gift box with thoughtful gifts suitable for your Girlfriend/Wifey.

Start by finding a good base or a container in which all the things would go, you can simply order one from Etsy, get from a florist, or from a gift shop.

A bamboo container would be lovely!

Now make a list of things that she likes, it can be anything like:

  1. A specific variety of chocolates.
  2. A 12”x12” table-sized portrait from a photo by PortraitFlip.
  3. Her favorite cologne.
  4. Her favorite Bath Salts/ Body Washes/ Body Lotions.
  5. Her favorite oil fragrances for the rooms.
  6. A specific variety of flowers.
  7. A letter printed on a handmade paper expressing your love in the form of a poem or a write-up.
  8. Her favorite coffee.
  9. A watch.
  10. Gift Card from Amazon, PortraitFlip or from wherever she likes to order from.

Be fancy and add something which she might like, it may be the passes to the show she wants to watch with you or anything of that sort.

Now that you have made a list start ordering the non-perishables to your work address or home address if she stays elsewhere.

Get the perishables 1 day before you are going to gift the happiness box.

Assemble everything and leave it somewhere where she won’t expect it like her office table, car, bedroom or get it delivered either from a delivery service or your friend!

Don’t forget to add a small note mentioning your name and a smiley!

  1. Pack Your Bags And Go On A Weekend Trip:


Alpha men are not hesitant to go out of the way to make their girlfriend/wife feel special.

Plan a weekend all by yourself and just tell her to avoid plans on the weekend and don’t tell her about anything.

 (Alpha Tip #2: The best time to make her feel special is when she is not expecting it!)

 Curate a tailored vacation for her which involves her favorite activities like:

  1. Para Sailing.
  2. Kayaking
  3. Body Massages.
  4. Wine Tasting.
  5. Animal Safari.
  6. Bird Watching.
  7. Dining At Fancy Restaurants.
  8. Boozing at the shacks.
  9. Watching Fireworks.
  10. Eating something which is a specialty of the region.

Spend some though on what she likes and book a hotel nearby:

  1. Ask the manager to arrange all the necessary things it maybe decorating the room or getting wine beforehand.
  2. Tip a bellboy to help you with getting things like a bike, wine, taxi, local places.
  3. Prepare a list of all the things you would be needing.
  4. Book commute or fill the tank of your car.
  5. Leave no space for troubles.

And you enjoy what she would do in return after she receives the surprise!

  1. For The Lazy Couples!

 Working day and night on the weekdays can leave you both tired and exhausted to do anything on the weekend.

But who said you cannot do anything fancy on weekends?

Just snuggle in your blankets, watch a favorite movie of hers, order her favorite food, get some hands on the wine or eat some ice cream and take a nap!

Help her out with the household chores in the evening. It may be getting the groceries, fixing the age old tap leak, oiling the doors, arranging the rooms or cleaning the kitchen cabinets.

That’s a wrap Alphas, we hope you liked the article and are ready to improve your gifting game.

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