4 power-packed exercises for women

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Weight training is a vital part of refining your overall health, and for women, it means a way much more than this. On top of many health benefits, adding weight training to your workout regime can become a form of personal growth that creates strength in all capacities of life. You as women should not shy away from strength training no matter what is your size or stamina level. However, if you are new to strength training probably we would always suggest you to take the assistance of a qualified fitness instructor with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

A certified trainer is someone who can guide you through your present strength and weakness levels, as well as, make you understand the right ways to accomplish your fitness goals. There are many reasons why women should include weight training in their regular workout program, and the given below exercises will definitely help you reach your fitness goals. So are you ready to get started with these workouts when you hit the gym next time?


Every woman fancy having that perfect butt shape, right? If you are looking forward to getting that rounded shape butt, then definitely you must include squatting in your workout regime. As a beginner, you don’t need to go with the weighted squats. You can simply do squats with your body weight as well. However, the posture during squatting needs to be correct as it does have bad impact on your knees. Hence, do think about taking the assistance of a fitness instruction with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

Ball roll out

This is known to be one of the versions of a plank that helps a person calibrate and reinforce the spine; especially you have lately given birth. The variability of the ball leads to a full-body reinforcement and equilibrium right from the shoulders all the way to your ankles. Post pregnancy your body undergoes many changes and you need to work out in the right manner so that you don’t exert unnecessary weight on your pelvic floor which becomes weak after delivery of the baby.

Walking lunges

Another a very good exercise that targets the bum and knee extension muscles in the right way. If you are a beginner, make sure you do the walking lunges without loading yourself with any weight. You can progress to loaded walking lunges once you have mastered the unloaded walking lunge exercise.


This helps you tone up your back muscles without adding any unnecessary or unwanted mass on your back.

Of course, different types of movements do hold a great significance and exercises should be relapsed or advanced depending on your stamina level. Besides adding any resistance training to our workout routine will help you make your bones stronger and feel much better. If you want to make your strength training without risking for any type of injury, always ensure you work with a qualified fitness trainer with certification in personal trainer course in Delhi.

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