10 Reasons for Selecting Magento for Your Website

Magento is considered as one of the best platforms for designing eCommerce websites and is becoming very popular amongst Web designers for designing quick and easy websites in minutes. This is true; Magento offers a plethora of options to these web designers for designing a wonderful and reliable website in minutes. Unbeatable and amazing features that are offered by Magento are just not possible to explain. A list of uncountable themes, numerous features, dynamic options and many more will make you go crazy for opting Magento as your website’s platform.

Here I have 10 reasons that will convince you for opting Magento for designing your website. Let’s give a look at it.

1. Open Source

Magento is an open source platform and is available for free. It is very easy to use for a programmer and you can customize everything according to your own ideas, your needs and your business’ requirements. When you get so many options and you can make changes according to your needs then why one should not go for this.

2. eCommerce Functionality

Magento offers a long list of built-in eCommerce features like newsletter management, promotional pricing, multi language support, proper layered navigation, virtual products, personalized products and lots more.

3. Magento is Scalable

If you are having a small business or you have just started up with an enterprise you can always start up with a relative basic community for installing and upgrading it to the level where your business grows. Obviously there is some work involved in the upgradation but the major point is that Magento is a scalable option for everybody and anyone can use it very easily.

4. Build Multiple Stores

Magento help businessmen in supporting multiple stores and multiple setups from the similar backend. Every store can be configured for having their products and catalogues and can be managed very easily from the similar admin dashboard. This has saved businesses with a lot of time and has been able to save money and efforts for long term.

5. Highly reliable and Good Performance

Because this Magento is an open source platform, this can be configured easily and you can set it for high performance eCommerce on customized infrastructure having your own choice of hosting provider. You have to make sure that you work with a Magento Partner for optimizing the code and hosting all your management.

6. Third Party Software Integration

Magento can connect easily with world’s largest eCommerce application programs. Magento can easily integrate with the third party programs and the softwares that are important for your business. There are a number of solutions and extensions available with Google Analytics, Google Shopping, PayPal and eBay. This platform can also join with CMS platforms like WordPress.

7. SEO Friendly

Magento is taken as a perfect platform to be used as an online marketing platform and you can also configure it to comply it with SEO best practices. You can always structure your meta tags, XML sitemaps, noindex commands, nofollow, pagination and often using the admin dashboard without making any changes to the side server.

8. It is Desktop and Mobile Friendly

There are a number of professional responsive themes that are available for Magento. If you are looking for a customized solution you can always develop your own Responsive themes and all this will seamlessly get implemented on your site setup.

9. Lots of Certified Developers

magento website agency also offers its developers with a proper developer certification program which is like a standardized qualification within the industry. All you need to do is to find out your certified developers who can help you in taking up all your requirements and will turn your website into a full blown eCommerce website.

10. Security is most important

Magento offers full-time security professionals that include a Secured Payment Bridge that will help you in achieving PCI compliances.

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